Tip of the Week - Cleaning Stubborn Stains

Dry erase boards are one of my new obsessions...I just purchased two new ones at Target and a used easel-style one at a yard sale... Now, we all know how amazing those Magic Erasers from Mr. Clean are...right? Did you know they clean off stubborn dry erase markings on old white boards? Yep. I was scrubbing away with a paper towel and started thinking I'd have to get a new board, when I realized that I should try some magic. Hey Presto! Brand new looking...thank you very much!

Do you have a cleaning tip? I'd love to hear how to get dog drool stains out of white carpet.

Here's a few posts I'm planning on:

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Oh! And I just removed all the drop shadows from my blog (they come with the Simple template). Check out this easy to do tutorial from Makin' Cute Blogs!

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