Going to the Library - once a week

For the past few weeks I have made a trip with my daughter to the local library. Our closest library is very old and small, but it is charming and the librarians are pretty friendly. There's quite a wealth of subject books to choose from and these have helped me come up with interesting ideas and things to study. Holland also gets to choose as many books as she wants from the readers...of which I am pushing her to choose the harder books, not just the early readers. She can read beautifully and enjoys it so much...I want her to go to the next level. I'm hoping by the summer to get her into chapter books (it's a bit soon, but she can do it). She has told me adamantly that she doesn't like books without pictures, so I will have to do some research and find chapter books with pictures!
Next week we are planning on going to the Big New Library Center that is further away and more crowded. However, their children's section seemed quite good when I was there last. They also have a gift shop and a small cafe. The only thing I need now is permission to drink my coffee IN the library while I'm reading books...
I encourage all homeschoolers to take a mini field trip to the library at least once a month to stock up on awesome books about amphibians, volcanoes, the planets, inventions of the past, grossology and dancing. That's what we're studying anyhow...
Have a great weekend everyone!

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  1. I need to get a library card up here in Seattle. People are shocked I don't have one. I'M shocked I don't have one!