Reviews Coming Up This Summer

I am very excited that we've been chosen to review a few curriculum products this summer (via TOS):

hardback book and notebooking journal

Professor B.
and I'm hoping we will get to review Knowledge Quest's MapTrek 6 E-Book looks amazing!

I am purchasing Confessions of a Homeschooler's Road Trip USA to work on over the summer. It sounds fun and we can pretend we're on vacation (ha ha). If you don't know Erica at Confessions then you need to go there NOW:
Super affordable at $18
I previously purchased Expedition Earth, and we'll jump into that if a country strikes us as interesting:
Only $15 - for the entire world
Confessions also has a Classic Literature Unit Study you can purchase individually or as a pack. I am thinking of trying the Little House in the Big Woods study just to try it out and that costs $2! Um...I think I can dig up some quarters from the couch and pay for that! I will let you know what I think and how it goes! Holland really enjoys hearing the Little House stories, but I think it's time to delve into the real books...she is seven, after all!

So you can see we will be striving to homeschool all summer long...including trips to the beach, the pool and park, the farm, and friend's homes...and a trip to Los Angeles for Sissy's wedding. I'm exhausted already!

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