Knowledge Quest Review for TOS Crew

When you don't have a map and you need one, you sure know it don't you? You're probably already lost and wish you had that map! That's how I was feeling all year long when I found out our family was selected to review Knowledge Quest's Map Trek 6 eBook Set. Kind of funny too, since I'd just spent money on a big map for our schoolroom and it wasn't what I wanted! Well, not that funny.

We received our Map Trek map atlas in the online format of an eBook and I was able to do that quickly and easily. I saved all the maps in a folder on my desktop so I could find them at a moment's notice. The eBooks are awesome! They come with full color maps, map outlines, and historical indicator there are other features like lesson plans, glossary of terms, and information on how to use the maps.

Purchased individually, each of the Map Trek World Editions are $14.95 and $19.95 for the US Edition in E-Book format. A complete set of all 6 E-Books which includes all the World and US editions (a total of 465 maps!) can be purchased for $47.00. Other options are also available on the Knowledge Quest Map Trek web page.

Map Trek allows you to use these maps in many ways...the first thing I thought of was when we are studying American History (my daughter is so into it!) we can reference to the historical maps. I print them out for each person in history we are studying, such as George Washington. Then the map allows us to pinpoint the location of where that person lived, worked, fought, etc. We can make labels and arrows to show each place...You could of course combine each historical figure on one map, but we like having lots of room for writing and drawing.
Another way to use these map resources is to combine with another curriculum for history or geography. Here is a list of curriculum that would work well with Knowledge Quest maps (taken from the Introduction):
Since these maps are chronological in sequence, you may use them easily with any
chronological U.S. history program. Some good history curricula to consider are:
★ TruthQuest History
★ Story of the World
★ Biblioplan for Families
★ Tapestry of Grace
★ Sonlight Curriculum
★ Mystery of History
★ My Father’s World
★ Learning Adventures
★ Living Books Curriculum
★ Ambleside Online
★ Heart of Dakota
★ Winter Promise
This is certainly not an exhaustive list and there are many other good history programs to choose from.

If you're still not sure if you want to purchase, there is a Map Trek Sampler Pack for FREE! Check it out!

These maps will be used for years to come...and can be used from 1st through 12th grade and beyond. It is totally worth the cost for these eBooks! Knowledge Quest offers many more variations to this format, you can get CDroms, DVDs, and real hard cover books! Knowledge Quest is high on my recommendation list - I hope you'll take a moment to visit their website and discover what it's all about. There is even more info on homeschooling if you'll go to the bottom left hand corner of the Knowledge Quest website and click on ARTICLES. You'll find great resources for your homeschool!

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***Disclaimer: As a member of TOS Crew, Different Dog received this product for free in exchange for our honest opinion on the product. All opinions are our own. Ruff!

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