Reading Kingdom - TOS Review

What is Reading Kingdom?

The Reading Kingdom is a fun, easy-to-use online program that teaches children 4-10 years old how to read and write to a third grade level. Children will be convinced they are "playing" a game online, but will truly be learning instead! Parents can teach their kids to read using Reading Kingdom, or use it to improve children's reading skills.

What does it cost?

After your 30 day free trial, subscriptions to Reading Kingdom are $19.99/month , or $199.99 per year. Additional children in your family get 50% off ($9.99/month). You can cancel your subscription at any time. 

How does it work?

Highlights of the Reading Kingdom program include:
  • Easy to use… after a few lessons, children can often use entirely on their own.
  • Customized to match each child’s skill level
  • Major emphasis is placed on accurate spelling, punctuation, and writing
  • No boring, difficult rule memorization! The system teaches rules implicitly.
  • Designed to minimize error
  • When error occurs, specific techniques are offered to overcome the problem
  • Regularly checks child’s progress
  • Children progress quickly with sessions only 15-30 minutes in length
  • A parent/teacher report is always available when you log into the program
  • Most kids can use the program on their own after just a few lessons.

  • It's fun so children think they're playing a game and want to practice.

  • It was created by Dr. Marion Blank, Director of the Light on Learning Program at Columbia University and one of the world's top experts in reading.

  • It works with any other curriculum a child may be using.
  • It's the only program to offer customized online reading instruction for each child.

  • And, it's the only system that teaches all 6 skills needed for reading & writing success!
  All you will need is a computer with a mouse, an internet connection, and a web browser with free Flash player. An adult is needed to supervise a child logging on and getting started in the beginning.  After the initial logging in and set up, children can work on their own.

You may also use Reading Kingdom on your here to learn how. And check out the list of Educational Activities available on Reading Kingdom's site here. So try that free trial now and see what you're missing!

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***Disclaimer: As a member of TOS Crew, Different Dog received this product for free in exchange for our honest opinion on the product. All opinions are our own. Ruff!

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