All White Bedroom Update

Several months ago (almost a year) I mentioned an "all white bedroom". Well, I'm almost there! My dear hubster painted the bedroom white and repainted the trim for me. He also installed the most adorable laminate flooring that I have ever seen, it looks like driftwood or white washed wood (I love laminate - no scratching, denting, easy to clean - compared to wood flooring). So we've done away with the old off white carpet, I sold my dresser and now have nowhere to put my clothes, and my next goal is to create a headboard.

Here's where I am so far on the master bedroom project:

Looking for - new bedside lamps, pillows for bed and art for over the mantle.
 Don't you adore the flooring!? It's super easy to clean. I think I've only ever swiffered it once.! The little settee at the end of the bed I found at a "divorce" sale for $140. I'm pleased with it's shape, don't love the fabric, but one day will get it reupholstered...for now, with kids, it is a good thing. The mantel above the bed was a rescue piece from the back of someone's truck for $35....hubster cut off the extra pieces and I painted it white. Planning to create a headboard underneath.
 The bedspread is Ralph Lauren, made in Italy, and I found it at a thrift store in Laguna Beach. It cost $18 w/ two pillow shams. I do love it, but it's too warm in the summer and it's not white's very vintage-ish. But it is super cozy in the winter. Plus it's huge...bigger than California King. So that's a plus. Don't those throw pillows look horrendous! I don't like the gold framed cottage water color doesn't fit in with my new modern styling...ha ha. For sale eh!!!
I love my pale aqua lamp. I found it at TJMaxx for $19 and fell in love. It doesn't go with the room anymore, but I have nowhere else to put it. The other lamp on the floor is a vintage oil lamp that was converted to electric (who knows when), but now needs rewiring...not sure if I love it anymore. I'm considering white washing the dark brown armoire....hmmmmm....

Really wondering if ALL WHITE can really be possible...more progress photos soon! And if you're in love with white too...check out 79 Ideas.

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  1. Your room looks really good. I think you're doing a good job transitioning to an all white. I also think you should keep the aqua lamp. Once the whole room is white it might be nice to have a pop of color here and there. Maybe just get a white lampshade?
    Good luck!!