Hanging With The Girls!

We were lucky enough to get to hang out with my #darlingdaughter on her 22nd birthday yesterday...her little sisters were thrilled, of course!

We got to go to Elle's Patisserie in the morning for a quick "breakfast". This quaint little bakery is housed in a purple/lavender painted house with a cute outdoor space next to it. Inside you are greeted by Elle (super cute gal!) and you can choose from French pastries, baguettes, truffles, chocolates and unusual-flavored ice creams. Oh, and you can also get coffee and salted caramel hot chocolates. While we were there it was pretty busy, so we missed out on chocolate croissants. Boo hoo. Elle said we can call ahead to reserve what we want next time! Wow eh?
Sorry there's no food pics...we ate them so fast!

We then went home and hung out for a little while. Kathryne spent some time on Pinterest and planning how to pack her suitcase...somehow her belongings doubled in the three weeks she was here...?

Then for lunch we hopped over to Spring Creek Tea Room in Ozark...about a 20 minute drive from our home...and totally worth it. If I had to write a review on the tea room I would give them 10 stars for food quality and cake/pie variety. Their coffee and tea is always fresh and hot. The service has always been stellar for me, although I know some friends who had slight altercations with seating and the long-wait time...
You just have to go with an open mind and a knowledge that you may have to wait 30 minutes or more for a table. The food comes out really quick most of the time too (except possibly Saturdays when they are swamped and run out of food).
I have always enjoyed myself and love to go there by myself occasionally too. The little girls adore it for the cold strawberry soup adorned with whipped cream hearts and easy peasy turkey and cheese sandwiches geared toward picky pallets.
The tea room doesn't have a website that I know of, but they do post their menu for the day on the their FACEBOOK page which I linked above. If you're ever in the area you HAVE TO GO THERE!!!

The tea room in adjacent to a very pleasant flea market venue...I love perusing all the booths there. I pretty much always find something I can use. I picked up a queen size Laura Ashley duvet and pillow case set for $19 yesterday! What!!!? I know...just sayin'!

Kathryne had a great birthday, I know it!

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