Pirate Parties Are The Best!

Posted a few months after-the-fact =

Pirates have way more fun than princesses, did you know that? It's SOOOOOO true! We had a girly pirate party last night for my soon-to-be 5 years old daughter! I spent all day painting and baking and planning and it went smoothly! I also researched all week and last minute bought an amazing book to read to the crowd...that was a huge hit!

Here are some photos and where I found my inspiration...I definitely suggest pirates to everyone these days!! Arghhhhh!!!!

I printed out little pirate flags and used striped fabric around the bottom of the cake. I added those fun little gold covered Rolos as treasure around the edges. My local Hobby Lobby had affordable paper pirate hats and mini foam swords. Luckily I had a quilt in red, white and black that worked great as a table cloth!

Happy Birthday to my little pirate girl!

I painted a picture of a pirate to use as a welcome sign and doubles as a "pin the tail on the pirate game"

Backdrop is made from a pirate tablecloth, an Urban Outfitter scalloped shower curtain and canvas drop cloths on the floor! A cute match card game came with the book below, so I cut the game out, laminated it, and then used the cards to decorate with!

 We made this map out of a pillow case so it can be used over and over. Plus we made the newspaper swords and the kiddos decorated the hilts themselves. That was a hit for sure.

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  1. Such fun party!! I love the backdrop and brilliant idea to use fabric around the cake. =)