What I'm Working On Now

I'm going to start a list of things I've made recently so I can see that I am actually accomplishing something! (Besides cooking, cleaning and teaching).

In December I made some cute "award" ribbons for my Readers' Theater students to end the semester...then I got a wild hair and started making a bunch just for fun. I will be listing these on Etsy soon. These came out really well, and I am thinking of creating a tutorial to show everyone how they are made. A lot of my inspiration came from Just Something I Made, because Cathe makes amazing award ribbons.

I used my new Mod Melts from Plaid to make the keys, painted them with silver, bronze, and gold Sharpies, then mounted them on scrapbook paper in an old frame. I think it turned out very cute!

I love saving Altoids tins and decided to try my hand at making altered boxes. These have a love theme because of Valentine's Day. My next one may have a more utilitarian theme, so I can use it everyday.

I took the plunge and had a photo of the girls enlarged and printed on "planner" paper. This is approximately 3x4 feet...it cost around $8 printed at Staples. I did it all online and then had my husband pick it up on the way home from work. I am going to hang this in the playroom I think.

Also had some postcards printed after I designed them in PS Elements...I used a "chalkboard" background and found the deer online, then added the heart and text. I got them printed at Vistaprint, because they were having a 50% off special. I have packs of ten with envelopes available for sale if you like this. (Zebra and Bee also available).

Tried my hand at making a lettered sign for Valentine's Day. The letters were $1.99 each, and the stain was around $5 with a coupon. The wood plank was free... Unfortunately I forgot to take an after photo, and I sold it at my booth. Sorry! Turned out cute though because I lightly dry stained it with the gray stain and then stenciled cute twirls in gold paint, also painted the letter gold. I had a drawer handle I wasn't using and screwed that in above the word. I have plans to make and sell a few more. Just need to get motivated. LOL.

Coming Up Soon:

I want to make new pillow covers for the spring, so they will be bright and cheery...but not sure when I will have "time". If you want to come back and check up on me or ask questions look for the direct link in my sidebar, just click and you'll end up here! See you then!

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