Phyllis King was my best friend, and now she is the oldest friend I have kept in touch with. Thirty one years to be specific. Almost. I know this doesn't go with my 20 years reunion theme, but you can't have memories without Phyllis!
So, we met when we were about seven years old. The story is she came up and introduced herself, but she always seemed so shy to me, can it be true? She's not really shy anymore, but still sort of quiet. And she's a model! I'm not kidding! And she works really hard as the human resource director at Airemaster. She's truly a success!
I used to love going to her house and having mac and cheese or making orange julius together. She had to practice piano a lot, I remember that. We used to spend the night on the weekends quite often, we'd go to the mall, for walks, listen to music. Phyllis always knew the Top 40 each week. We went to camp together, were cheerleaders and played volleyball. It was a great life.
I'm so glad we're still friends, though so far away, it makes me happy to know that wherever I go we can always talk like we just saw each other yesterday. Love you my friend! Love, Snuggles.

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