It's a GIRL!

Here I am again. I've been so busy being sick and cleaning house, and following Holland around that I completely forgot to update this thing. I apologize!
My HS reunion is June 9th, but won't be going, because I'll be five months pregnant, and don't want to travel! Yikes!
We've got so much to do that it is almost scary. Plus we don't know where to put the little whipper snapper when she gets here. Yes, it's a girl, and we're grinning from ear to ear! Plus, I went to the perinatologist today and he didn't see any problems with her. Not like w/ Holland and the DS scare we got. Anyway, now we're going to have to think of a really cool name, so to continue the grand girls names we have already.
I will write more soon, promise. And I can remember my password now, which helps a lot.

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