Let them eat

I get the feeling no one has ever actually read my blog. That's okay, I'm not hurt. But it would be neat to get some comments.
I've been feeling pretty good pregnancy wise. Just hot. Summer is not a good time for this, believe me! I'm also still tired, and trying my best to get some sleep, cuz when that baby gets here there's going to be no sleeping for who knows how long.
Holland is just now sleeping better. She still wakes up in the middle of the night to crawl in with me or daddy. I've got Doug and her camped out in the living room now. I still wake up frequently, but not by them, which is a relief. It's horrible waking up in the morning and being miserable and mad at your partner and kid because they kept you up. It's not fair for anyone.

Want to hear one thing bugging me lately? Well, we went to Cheesecake Factory for a 5 year anniversary dinner, we took Kathryne with us. It was great to be out without Holland and really enjoy a meal (well, that's what I was thinking). So we ordered and were exited etc., and then the food came, and there was just so much of it I could barely eat one bite after the appetizer. And I started looking around and all this food everywhere was freaking me out. Only in America I thought. It shouldn't be a bad thing to have all these huge portions of food (enough to feed four real people). I should be grateful. But I wasn't.
So we brought all the food home, because Doug and Kat couldn't eat all their's either. I've been mixing the leftovers with things and making casseroles and helping spread out our food budget. I just feel bad that we've got so much food and the rest of the world doesn't. What about Darfur? Ethiopia? Ukraine (radiation fallout.)?
Anyway, I have more to write but have to go fix dinner. Strange eh?


  1. Cheesecake Factory is...ick. We went once with a group from CA, and it was so noisy and crowded that I could hardly hear the person sitting right next to me. So...I get what you're saying about the place and the comment on American extravagance.

  2. Oh, and we loved Once too.