Killing time...

It'a already the middle of August, the heat is blazing, and I'm fairly exhausted. Pregnancy is not my friend. I am only getting a few hours a night, and the warmth of the evenings doesn't help. Holland has her schedule pretty much down now, and doesn't really wake me up anymore. TG! Poor Doug is sleeping on the couch, I am tossing and turning and staying up reading during the night. I found out I'm anemic, so have to go on extra vitamins and take some more blood tests. yay.
It's Doug's birthday today, he's 42. Ted just called, so that was neat to hear his voice. I'm making Doug a pie and Mark and Naomi are coming over with ice cream tonight. Should be fun.
Baby Darcy is kicking a ton, not as bad as Holland was. She's going to be here pretty soon. We start our lamaze class next week. What fun, and what a reminder of how much it hurts to have a baby. Great. I'm planning no drugs, no needles etc. It didn't do any good last time except make it worse, so I'm wavering away all that stuff.
Kathryne is going to Glendale College this fall. She's going to try to test out of high school and go full time in the spring. I hope it all works out. She's there right now getting some paperwork done etc.
Anyway, that's where we are at the moment. Just killing time before it kills me.

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