Graduating High School and Dwight R. Sanders

Dwight was valedictorian of Nixa Class of 1987. He was a funny fellow, very hard to read. He went to SMS, and then on to somewhere in Illinois. Southern Illinois University at Carbondale - Agribusiness Economics. Anyway, he asked me to walk in with him to the graduation ceremony, so I did. I even threw over another boy that had already asked me. I kind of had a crush on him, but he was so touchy about stuff that I knew he'd never like me back. He liked cheerleaders back then. Not brainiacs like myself. We were in creative writing class together with Mrs. Ewing. We went out for eggrolls once, and he came over and played chess with me one weekend when we were having a yard sale.
We'll probably never meet again since I'm in Los Angeles, but I wish him well. He made some fond memories. Hi Dwight!

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