I can't write about the old days without more than a few words about Ted P. Kilgore. He changed my life. He changed me. I am who I am today because of him. I've loved him since I was thirteen years old and I still do. But I've moved on with my life, as we both have. Stuff just got in the way. He was so beautiful to me, and he was funny. I'll never forgive myself when one time he wanted to kiss me and I wouldn't let him. So silly. We made up for it later of course. Our parents thought we were bad influences on each other, but we weren't. We were just young, and lonely for someone to talk to and be loved by. I miss him the way he was then, he was perfectly wonderful, tall, strong, handsome. Thank you for all you taught me about myself Ted.

Ted made things righteous, and worthwhile. He gave me reason. He taught me what love was. The letters he wrote me were little bits of poetry...I still have them hidden away. I look at them sometimes and wonder what happened to that sweet girl and boy love story.

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