Breastfeeding, birth and a BABY!

Yes, it's been almost five months since I last updated. But, you know, I did have another baby, so I don't even have time to go online much these days. Plus I'm very busy on Facebook when I am online. Sorry!
Anyway, we had Darcy Rose on October 22nd, she was hard to push out but I did it. Very nasty! I didn't use any pain killers either. Luckily recovery time was fast and I left the hospital prior to 24 hours. Very cool.
So we've all been surviving...she's wonderful. Holland is taking it all well. Kathryne too. Doug and I are the ones that need some sleep and a strong beverage.
I apologize that I haven't written more, it just seemed too difficult.
Oh, I'm considering doing a side blog on breastfeeding. It's something women don't seem to talk about that much. It hasn't been easy for me and I want to discuss that a bit more in detail. (Guys may want to not read it...).

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