Farewell Michael Johns

I watched American Idol last night, feeling just a little sad. Kathryne had looked up online who was voted off and so we already knew the results. I think it is ridiculous that such a good-looking, Australian accented, clean-shaven, angel-voiced guy got voted off the Idol Island. He was so much above Miss Cook and the Whitney girl. At least he had more of a voice. I'm sure they are all nice girls, but he was NICE! And, I'm sorry DA, but you are a twerp! If DA wins, I'll probably never watch AI again. So now I'm torn between rooting for David Cook and Jason Castro (who needs a good hair cut btw).

In other news here, I have a breast infection. Felt like crap all day yesterday, painful crap! I had the chills and was hot at the same time. Today is a bit better, but not really, just really tired. Darcy and Holland did sleep through the night though. Of course, Doug and I were awake since we've been so well trained. Ha ha.
Doug is leaving early tomorrow morning, so we'll see if my week alone can train the girls to sleep on their own and more than six hours! I'll keep you updated.

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