Sleeping like a baby...

It's Tuesday night, and I've survived three nights of being alone with the baby and the toddler! Yeah! Saturday night I was so exhausted I had to let baby cry after getting up with her twice. Holland ended up getting in bed with me and slept okay. But Sunday night she kicked my butt with all her itching and squirming. Of course, baby D slept fairly well, I only got up with her once and she slept till 6:30 in the a.m. Then last night went well again, except they both woke up at 3:30 a.m., Holland to look for daddy and Darcy for a drink. Then we all went back to sleep, Darcy woke up at 7 a.m. and Holland woke up at 9 a.m.! Then Darcy went back to sleep till 11 a.m.
So, tonight I had to wash Holland's hair and she had stuffed a bunch of toilet paper in the toilet, so I had to give her a good talking to and a swat, so she was already upset, but then when the hair washing started, OMG! She cried for like an hour afterwards, but now she's happy and asleep. I put Darcy in the crib after nursing her (on both sides), and she just went to sleep by herself! Now that's a first.
For some reason, without Doug here, it seems easier in the middle of the night, although it's pretty difficult to get bedtime and dinner and cleanup all accomplished by myself. So we have five more nights to see what happens, and I have no idea what to expect. I'll keep you updated on getting those little ones to sleep and to sleep through the night! Yeah!
My breast pain update: feeling almost 100%! Naomi told me to take it easy for a few days, pound down the water, take some pain killers and nurse that baby as much as possible. I was in such pain last week, it was debilitating indeed. Almost pain free at this moment. Thank you Jesus! When I get sleep my brain starts clearing up and I want to start doing things again and exercising etc. We'll see what happens.

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