Sleep update

Last night went relatively well. Darcy went to sleep in her crib and Holland slept all night in her bed. I, of course, couldn't sleep, waiting for the crying etc. to start. It never did. So yay to that!
Tonight is boding ill...Holland felt asleep before 7p.m., didn't eat dinner, didn't have a bath. Darcy JUST fell asleep a few minutes ago and didn't have a nap pretty much all day, didn't have a bath, but ate a lot. I'm currently coloring my hair, and Kathryne is out at VR and/or having coffee with "Michael". I'm also watching AI, and it's driving me crazy. Why do they have to take an hour to tell who got voted off????
Well, I'm going to look it up online so I don't have to watch! Plus I have to check my hair. Sleep tight little babies and don't grow up too soon my big girl!

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