Joys of my life

Bible Study started today at CA, and it was awesome! I walked in and felt a great welcoming sigh of relief, and I saw tons of gals I know. I started counting how many people I actually know the names of, and it was A LOT! It's hard to get motivated to get there, so I have to remember each Thursday morning that I actually love being at bible study and to just get my butt there and be happy! It was wonderful being at my "old" table and seeing the ladies and feeling part of the group again. I liked the previous table too, but this one was just special. Beth was there, and Cynthia and Joanne and Chris and Nedda! More gals will be there next week.
Doug and I also went to a Life Group at the Kwok's last Thursday so I am going to that tonight. It's a nice diversion, even though I'm really tired by 6:30p.m.

Doug and Doug on their way to the concert

Doug is going with Doug McCauley to a Kansas concert in Anaheim so he won't be with us. It's been nice that Doug M. is in town and they can hang out. It worked out well that my Doug doesn't have a job. Ha ha. Doug M. has invited him to Springfield to help him edit his movie, so that'll be a kick in the pants. I'll be tired of course, having the kids all day and night to myself. It'll be a great opportunity for Miss Holland to sleep in her bed all night too. Ah ha!
Kathryne started swimming at the Rose Bowl yesterday. It'll be brilliant exercise! I look forward to getting into that too after I've lost a few pounds. Hint hint, nudge nudge.
Oh, and Doug M. took us out to dinner to Ruth's Chris and it was delicious! I really enjoyed it. You know, being out with grown ups and enjoying a meal without crying and fussing going on. My mom babysat, but it was a bit stressful for her. Holland is giving us a bit of a hard time in the nap/tired department. Working on it!

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