The T Room

Went to The T Room in Montrose on Wednesday with my mom and Elizabeth French and the baby girls. Holland stayed home with Daddy. It was fun. The scones were okay, I would give them a 6 out of 10. The tea was a 5 out of 10. They almost had it, but didn't quite make the tea right, it was watery and lukewarm, but better than Huntington Garden tea. The ambiance was good, cute decor. We sat outside under the awning, but there was cigarette smoke coming from somewhere. We met a very nice girl there who is going to Saudi Arabia in September, and she's planning on marrying into a polygamist marriage. The dude's already married to his cousin. This nice girl is only 23, and has a great degree and a great job where she can travel and have a really cool life, yet thinks she has to marry this guy! I was inwardly freaking out. My mom didn't hold anything back though, she told her outright not to do it, to wait. I totally agree. She should have as much fun as she wants and get married when she's thirty! There will be a much better guy waiting for her, who won't make her wear black robes and cover her face when she goes out and will be American!

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