Kathryne gets to go...

So Kathryne returned from her 3 1/2 week sojourn to UK and France. Man was it quiet around here without her. I keep imagining that that is what it will be like when she goes away to college next fall. I mean, no, it's not really "quiet" around here, but there's no meaning to the craziness. It's just two little kids running around doing stuff. Or it's just me doing the same old same old.
Kat might go to Washington D.C. if she gets a chance (accepted). She's also going to apply to some schools here. Just depends which ones have the program she wants. She is very much interested in the signing and speech pathology. We'll see.
Kathryne did pass the CHSPE (California High School Proficiency Exam) which she took on June 21st. So she can officially be out of high school and go to Glendale College full time. We're going to go register this coming week. She had a great time in Europe and plans to go back next summer, she made some friends who will be there too. Oh, and she also made the Dean's List last semester; we just found out.
Anyway, that's my update for now. Next I hope to remember to write about Holland's allergies and how she's getting better, and Doug's job search, and our trip to San Diego and my babysitting Sawyer starting the 25th of this month. We'll be busy!

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