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OMG! Okay, I guess I'm watching too much television at night. And like my previous entry mentioned, I was watching the commercials with the sound on! AHHHH!
Anyway, I happened to turn to the Fine Living channel and there was this show where two gals were sitting on their respective couches and making fun of Martha Stewart! It was so funny I started crying hysterically. It turns out the main gal is her DAUGHTER Alexis. The other host looked familiar, but not sure who she is. I'll have to look it up.
So, Doug and I watched this show and were astounded at how amusing it was. Apparently there were all these great tapes of things that didn't make the actual Martha Stewart Show, so Martha came up with this idea to have her daughter make crude remarks and love on twine etc.
There was one segment with Conan O'Brien where he learned to brush/curry a horse, and he ended up riding it with a long red wig on. And Alexis had to deny that her mom had a crush on him, but she did like tall men.
If you get a chance, try to watch an episode and see what you think. There are some crude remarks, but they are usually quite funny and naughty if you think of the very proper Martha in that position!
Check your local listings. It is Wednesday night here, around 9p.m. PST.

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