Corn Syrup is good for you - what?

Read about it yourself...

I was freaking out the other night when I saw a TV commercial telling the world how great high fructose corn syrup is for us. That it is no different for us than sugar or honey. Which is actually a LIE. For one thing the corn that the syrup is derived from is genetically modified...not a good thing in large quantities. Another thing, it is in absolutely everything that is processed (such as items at a gas station, food mart, grocery store etc. think Twinkies) so it won't age quickly. It's also very cheap to produce, easier than sugar to get. It's definitely not the same. The corn syrup folks are saying that it hasn't contributed to the heaviness of the American people. Which in theory could be true, but we aren't a people to only eat one, we usually eat the whole bag!
There needs to be more information for the public on this matter, not just the commercial where the person who doesn't want to eat HFCS looks stupid for mentioning it.
Also, make sure you buy 100% maple syrup and honey at the store, not the kind made out of corn syrup.

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