Princess Dresses

My middle child, Holland, has an unceasing desire to wear a princess dress all day long, every day. If you don't know what a "princess" dress is, then here's a description: a floaty dress, prettily colored (like pink), longish skirt, sparkly accents, easy on with velcro, NOT machine washable. Available at chain stores etc.
I decided early on that I would not be buying my girls these expensive and acrylic sparkly garments. I didn't want them to buy into the "I have to be a princess" idealism that is marketed toward toddlers. (ha ha). When I was little I want to dress like Laura Ingalls Wilder and wear prairie skirts and lots of petticoats.

But after receiving several as gifts, Holland threw off her tom-boy attitude, and has embraced princesshood like a true believer! She wears one almost every day. Her favorite is the Cinderella blue dress from her Auntie Naomi. It's getting pretty threadbare now. All the buttons have been ripped off, and the hem is unraveling, and the things just looks bad. I have tried to hide it. I've tried to secret it away to the garbage pile. Or Goodwill. But she always asks for it. I keep thinking, she's going to forget about it and wear the pink fairy tutu instead today. Nope. So, I am now considering replacing the "rag" with a new, shiny, Cinderella dress (available at Target), if I can find a coupon or sale of some sort.

I wonder though, if she doesn't find anything wrong with wearing an old, smelly, aging Cinderella dress, then why do I have a problem with it? It's no skin off my nose.
Yet, I think it's just something in me that doesn't want her to wear it, just because it's made in China maybe. Maybe I will create a beautiful, homemade, vintage, cotton, Princess Holland dress for this coming Christmas. Isn't that a lovely idea? If you have any suggestions, please let me know.
I guess if I had a princess dress I'd want to wear it every day too.

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