Thin Threads

It's already November and I haven't had many thoughts to write down. I've been reading lots of other people's thoughts though. Blogs are amazing and a cool way to hear what the world is thinking.
To tell the truth I think I've been a bit sad. The overwhelming-ness (word?) that I feel when I read the blogs of the moms and dads whose babies are sick, the sadness, but not lack of hope and belief in God. My family being sick again. Just not liking where I am in life. Doug and I want to move somewhere where we think our girls will have a better, nicer, truer life than in Los Angeles. I feel like I'm often waiting around here for something to happen besides everyday life.
I've been researching San Juan Island again, very thoroughly. There are a lot of opportunities to go there, and even cheaper than living here, maybe starting a business to live on. It's so pretty there and green and raw. I love the idea of being there and living closer to the land. They have their own beef, milk, wines, fish, a farmers market for organic veggies. We could have chickens, a pot belly pig, bunnies, and maybe a miniature horse for the girls to ride! We sound kind of crazy? Sometimes I think so, but I know we'll never get "ahead" or anywhere here. We're hemmed in and feeling the pressure to perform.
I think the election also made me feel sad. I don't worry that Obama is going to do anything wrong. I just hope that he will be able to fulfill some of the promises of his campaign, so the people who voted for him and put their hope in him, won't be disappointed. It would be nice if America could become great again. But then, have you ever read the Left Behind series? Hmmmmm.
My computer is on the verge of dying too. Very sad. The screen just goes black. But it's still on. So I can keep typing but won't be able to see it. Then I have to shut down the machine and let it rest. Very ancient sounding eh? No, it's only 4 years old. It's an eMac. We don't really have the bucks to buy a new one. Since we're going away to Newport Dunes for Thanksgiving. And then my cousin Tina has asked us to come to Austin for Christmas. We'll just have to see what happens. I feel like I should be going places. But then how to pay for it is the hard part.
So, nothing new and exciting to offer up at this time. Just hanging on by a thin thread and hoping for more in the future.

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