December Update

It's been a month since I've had a chance to write. Things have been happening and not happening. Since my last post, Katie Manning passed away. Her daddy is still updating her blog now and then. Rudy is still in the hospital, but holding his own. Nie Nie is recovering and is able to speak. We have a new president-elect. There were terrorists in India over Thanksgiving.
Doug got the stomach flu and passed it on to me, of which I am still recovering. Kathryne got her braces off and has a clear plastic retainer. She looks fabulous. We're planning an 18th birthday party at the Montrose bowling alley. She's GOT to get her driver's license soon! Darcy is walking pretty well, started using a fork to fee herself, and is really weaned from the boobie. Holland is still battling her allergies, but enjoys preschool, her imagination is flourishing, and she and Darcy are learning to play together. Kirby still needs to go to the we can keep him inside during the winter.
Wilma is coming out for a visit next week. So I have a million things to do, such as cleaning, rearranging, getting rid of stuff, and finding somewhere for her to sleep. Ha ha.
Our house seems to be shrinking. One night when Holland was sleeping in bed with me, she said in her sleep "Is this a small house?" I said, "Yes, it is." She went back to sleep.
Our little house is getting crazy small! Our little trip to Newport Beach over Thanksgiving had us in a tinier cottage, but with lots of outdoor stuff to do. So it does make a difference if you've got either indoor or outdoor space doesn't it?
Christmas is coming. Oh dear. Not such a good thing for us, as we're low on funds, Doug isn't working anywhere full time, and there's no place to put anything new anyway. I'm thinking of getting the little girls those anywhere chairs from PB. At least that's useful. And then some little things to put in their stockings which I'm planning on making soon. Kathryne wants a car.

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