Darcy 15 Months Old

Darcy's been babbling a lot more lately. She has quite a repertoire of words now, not that she uses them very often. "Thank you" has always been her first word, sounds like "dankoo". She says mama and dadda and sis (in a whisper). Her latest is ball, doll, up, down, two, baba (bottle), and when we ask her a question she always agrees and says "uh huh!" in a very cute high voice. When we mention Yo Gabba Gabba, she says "Babba!"
Books have also become the latest addiction. Darcy comes barreling toward me with a book held up and screeching!!! AHHHHH! That means "please read to me Mom".
She still loves her bottle. I have to remember that Holland had hers till she was two! And I breastfed her longer than Darce.
Her hair is getting in her eyes, I'll have to trim it soon. I haven't done that since she was a few months old and I had to get rid of that weird newborn hair that grew down the middle of her head.
The back is getting quite long also.
Darcy also follows instructions, such as "take this to daddy" or "go find sissy", or "throw the ball". It's amazing. I didn't know babies/toddlers could understand to dos so early.
She likes to show off for strangers, but hides from people who pay too much attention to her.
She holds my hand now, and lets Holland hold her hand and walk around, so cute!
We can still wash her hair with no screaming. We just have to do it more often. She loves bath time and outside time. Doesn't want to be inside so much.
She likes to smack us. And hit Sawyer, and pinch Holland, and bite Sissy. Very naughty.
Bad habits: throwing food, not eating food, yelling for food, throwing food, throwing food.
And: standing in the middle of the room screaming at the top of her lungs, screaming in her crib, screaming when she doesn't get what she wants. She also likes to put her hand in her poop when getting changed. Argh!
And: doesn't like her face wiped, or nose blown. Throws her food. Oh did I say that already.
We'll see what the next few months bring. Hopefully some sleeping through the night. Ha ha.
Oh, I'm laughing at myself again.

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