Best Deals of the Day

Target is having some great clearance items right now. You just have to walk the back of each aisle and look for red stickers...I got these dried type potpourri that I wouldn't buy full price. I also want to use the green leaves to make an indoor topiary. Last spring I had purchased some beautiful heavy pots at the Arboretum's garden sale for $10 each! Now I finally have a plan on what to do with them. I'll show you the finished product when it is complete...of course, who knows how long that will take, as I need to go to Michael's now (wish I had Hobby Lobby) and get dowels and styrofoam balls for the shape. Maybe some moss too. Did you know you can print a 40% off one item coupon from There's usually one in the paper every week too. I don't love Michael's but it's my only option here. When I get to the midwest I usually go to Hobby Lobby and stock up on things I can't find here. I got some gorgeous black and cream toile one time for only $9 a yard!

Variety of fake stuff for cheap from Target

$10 Ceramic Pots from Asian Ceramics


  1. Okay, I'm off to my "happy place" tomorrow then. Thanks for the tip (though I have noticed that L.A. Targets have better deals than Portland ones, for whatever reason, even our crappy Eagle Rock Target).

  2. What are you looking for Lori? I'll keep my eyes open...