My name is Sarah and I'm a blog-aholic

Yep, I've decided I'm a bit addicted to blogging. I also tell all my friends they should blog. I really think everyone should to some degree or another. Of course, there are folks who don't want to be known, or have their kids faces out there. But, I keep thinking, it's all too random. I don't think a predator is going to be able to track me down. There's plenty of easy "prey" wandering around just on the street. (I'll keep my fingers crossed that my words don't haunt me...)
Sometimes when I can't sleep I am thinking about things I want to blog about. Or an event will occur that I'll remind myself that I should blog about that. Like, I hate ants. I have ants in my kitchen in the middle of winter and I hate them. But why would anyone want to read about ants?
I do have to remember that this addiction may be biting into my family time. Especially when my husband and daughter are on their computers too, not much going on as far as conversation!!!!
I'm going to keep blogging, even if no one is reading it. Because it makes me happy and I feel good about it. So there!
"Hi, Sarah!"


  1. Hahaha, oh Mom. I love you :D
    Yeah I think you do have an addiction. You may have to join BA (Bloggers Anonymous).

    But maybe we should make some special Family Time where computers aren't allowed.. Haha

  2. I'm so glad to see you're blogging more often! When I was first getting started, I heard somewhere that one way of getting more traffic (if you're into that) is to blog every day or two. It gets people coming back to see if something new is up. I've also found that going through an extremely difficult adoption can garner a lot of traffic too...but I don't recommend it :)