Kitchen Tile Project

Here's a great look at my kitchen sink!
Purchased from Ikea before the price went up, only $199-
Faucet is bronze-look. The countertops are actually desktops
from Ikea's AS-IS section for about $20-

A closeup of the tile work, not too bad for an amateur

Looks good from a distance, eh? The hardware on the doors
and drawers is from Target (fake oil rubbed bronze) $9.99.
I didn't put any hardware on the door under the sink so my
little ones can't open them. Cabinets from Ikea.

Just wanted to show off a few pics of the cool white subway tile I installed in my kitchen. I spent several days doing it myself (hugely pregnant at the time), after practicing a bit on our tub surround. My helpful hub cut them for me, but I did all the rest, including the caulking around the cabinets. We also put some lovely chunky pieces of trim around the new window. It has yet to be finished at the ceiling level, which we'll be working on in the next few weeks. I'm also thinking a new light fixture because that one does nothing for me! Let me know what you think!

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  1. I love it! You did a great job and it looks beautiful.

    Thanks for the tips about Smart and Final too! I can still use them for Valentines day!