My Bargain of the Week - $150

Before I go to sleep I had to post a picture of the oak cupboard I got from HES (Hughes Estate Sales) today. Now, they are not doing their 80% off anymore...apparently they were losing money. I have no idea why???? (Ha ha, I got some great bargains there last time).
The cupboard is supposed to be turn of the century, but I'm not too sure about that. It's also oak, which I don't like that boring finish, so may have to stain it darker. I already put new pulls on the drawers. I also got three keys to unlock the doors.


  1. why thank you so much!!! something just clicked in me to get my creative groove back!!! isnt it so much fun?!!!! yes girls are the best!! i love my little delila!

  2. That is a great piece.
    Thanks for mentioning my blog on yours, blush .