I Used To Be Pretty

When will I be able to eat chocolate again? Cookies? French bread?
These questions and more are going through my brain at the moment. I've been having tremendous allergies, which started in late November. They peaked last week when both my eyes swelled up (including the lids) and then went down leaving baggy, flaky, discolored skin under my tired and sad eyes. I chalk it up to eating lots of the "wrong" sort of foods that are around during the holiday season. And lack of sleep/rest. And nearing 40 years old. And having 2 small children (of a lesser god) running around ceaselessly.
It is just SO depressing to wake up from a short night's sleep and look in the mirror and not see myself as I expect myself to be. I'm going gray for g's sake! I'm not ready for this roadtrip to HELL! Maybe I was too proud of myself and my good skin and cute haircut. It was only four years ago I was working at the Container Store in Pasadena, right when it opened, and the crew was pretty young, 20s, with a few elderly folks thrown in. Apparently I was a part of the young crew! They all thought I was "like 25"! When I was actually 35.

Sorry about the gross eye picture.

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