Old Navy Bargains

Cute Bermuda shorts for baby this summer, reg. $14.50 for $1.77
Pretty pink tank w/ sequins - Bargain of the Day! Reg. $10.50 for 88 cents!
Regular price
Cute little girl pajama sets: $1.77, $3.33 and $3.33

Today we went to Old Navy for the 50% off all Clearance items, and I found a coupon (google Old Navy Southwest for coupon) for $10 off a $50 purchase (expires 1/20). We purchased 20 items (2 were not on sale) for a total of $88.30. If I hadn't purchased a $15 (wc $13.36) black dress and a $24.95 (wc $21.83) white cotton button up shirt, then the total would have been a lot less, like $53! I haven't tried these items on yet, so they may end up going back.

Bargain Hunter Hint: Do check your receipts closely, as we found a $3.21 error and had to go back in for a refund. It was a cute black tank top priced at $2.99 plus %50 off, so should've been $1.49, but we got charged $4.45. Save money and double check while you're still in the parking lot.

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