We pulled it off!

Well, we made the party a success, even though the whole family has a bad cold! Darcy was particularly icky and she went home early with Nanny and slept pretty well all night.
I made a "poodle" skirt for myself (sans the poodle), and one for Holland. She looked adorable. Darcy wore a little velvet skirt we've saved for a while. Doug wore his black shirt and a hat I found at Marshalls. Kathryne wore her outfit we found at Sunthrift in Sunland. She looked amazing. Soraya did her hair and makeup. She didn't look sick at all!
I baked the cupcakes on Sunday and decorated them Monday morning. It took a while, but it was so much fun! Of course, the kids were running around not feeling good and whining and crying. Luckily Doug was home to help out, although starting to feel ill himself.
I reserved the Bowling Alley in Montrose for the evening. A little pricey, but worth it. Mondays are $325 from 6-9 p.m. We loaded up and were running a little late, but it all worked out. Sadly we were not able to use our own drinks, we had planned a 50s punch and I had borrowed a punch bowl set from Diana T. That part of the night wasn't clear at all. I'll check their website to clear it up. www.montrosepartybowl.com
So we had to have a TAB at the bar. So silly!
Naomi brought some awesome jello parfaits and chips and veggies. Yum! That was my dinner!
Most of the kids dressed up, so that was awesome. It was almost like we'd gone back in time and were really there! The pictures are going to be amazing! I will post some soon.
Happy 18th Birthday my dear! (Kathryne opened her presents after we got home from stopping at the Coffee Bean - I have pics of that too).


  1. What a fun picture!

  2. It was so much fun to see the kids having a good time too! Will post more pics when we get them from the photographer.