18 Years Ago Today

Eighteen years ago I was in the midst of giving birth. It was hard and terrible. But then I met this tiny cone-headed creature who was a little bit blue and squished. I didn't know what I had then. Having gotten to know the baby who has grown into a beautiful, intelligent and kind woman - I can truly say that all the pain, the worrying, the heartache, the unknown, was all worth it. And it wasn't easy, I was a single mom for a long time. God took such good care of us. We never went hungry, nor did we ever want for a place to live or have stuff or go places. God really kept us in the palm of His hand.
Of course, looking back I know I would never change how things happened. I'd eliminate the sickness and doctor visits and dentist visits, and the worry. But I wouldn't be who I am today and Kathryne wouldn't be the amazing person she is.
One regret that I will probably carry with me is that she will probably never know her biological father. I don't have any idea where he might be. He definitely missed out on someone very important. He will never know his daughter.
We were so lucky and blessed Kathryne and I, that we had some good role models of men in our lives, and God's help.
So it is her birthday today, and she is sleeping in. She still sleeps deeply like a little child. I wish I could. I thank her for going through the bumps and bruises of this life with me. For helping me learn to be a mom. Now I have to learn to let go at the same time as I hold my little girls closer (three and one).
Happy Birthday Kathryne! I love you more!


  1. She's beautiful--happy birthday Kathryne!