My Side of the Closet

My Side - notice my color coordination...
socks in basket, shoes in organizer. Also
trying to delete plastic hangers.

Finally put away all my clothes and organized my side of the closet. I don't have a dresser so put all my underwear in the left side of my desk which is now in the bedroom.
I've been keeping the socks in a basket in there with the shoes in a storage rack.
I also tried to do something with the hall closet but it's pathetic. It needs one more shelf and then reorganization. If I start thinking too much about it I realize that all closets and storage areas need to be emptied, sorted and redone. Medic!

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  1. I went out and bought a ton of storage baskets today so I can organize my closet--it's supposed to be walk in but it's such a mess right now that I can barely open the door!