Bad luck or other

I already had a post today, but I had to write about how my laptop "fell" onto the floor earlier today, and that it now makes a funny noise when I open it, the disc drive thingy keeps whirring in and out. Oh dear. I guess it's under warranty.
I also had to let you know that I was working on Valentine's Day cards that I'm sending to all my special girl friends. I also made a garland to hang up and some danglies to hang from the chandelier. I've decided we're having a little party of sorts on Friday so the little girls can get some cards and candy and use their little mail bags that I was inspired to make. I finished Holland's today. Of course, while I was sewing, I had to clean off my sewing machine first. Have you ever had anyone throw up on your sewing machine? I doubt it. It's a one in a million event. So, yes Holland was sick all over it and the barf dripped through into the machine. So I got the exterior clean and shiny, but it smells bad folks. While I'm sitting stitching away, the pukey smell got warmer and warmer. I don't know what I'm going to do except keep the area well ventilated.
So those were my two bad luck events. Can you beat 'em?

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  1. And can I just say? I LOVE the fact that you have a category for your posts entitled "barf." Only the mom of two preschoolers :)