Moving House?

We might have an opportunity to move to a much bigger house this year. The only problem is that it is 1750 miles east of here! Springfield, Missouri is where Doug's parents live and where I lived for a while growing up. We have some friends there too. We could get a six bedroom house for $109,000. I wouldn't have to worry about schools for the girls. Money wouldn't be so tight. I'd have to move my mom with us. We probably wouldn't have a mortgage payment at all. We could get completely out of debt in one or two years. I could stockpile fabulous furniture and sell it in California at the swapmeets.

It will most likely be the best thing for us. California is a great place to visit and live if you've got the bucks. Maybe we can be financially secure sooner, not have to worry about things and enjoy life. I have big plans of which I'll go into later, but it can be good. Plus it'll give me a whole house to blog about fixing up! Yippeeeeee!


  1. That sounds great. To be able to not worry about your finances would be wonderful. WOW what a price for such a large house. No matter which direction you go. Good luck to you and your family...

  2. Gigi, thanks for your kind words of encouragement. I'll keep you updated!
    And I noticed we both have three followers on our blogs. We need more!