Holland Health Update

Took Holland to see Dr. Margaret yesterday. Dr. M. was very concerned about how bad the eczema was/is. Holland also has a flu type bug without the fever, but a lot of congestion in the chest. So she's on antibiotics for 10 days (she's NEVER had those before), and steroids for the rash for five days. It's the second day and I've only seen minor improvement, but a lot less scratching.
Dr. M. was concerned about an outbreak of chicken pox and recommended Holland not going to her preschool, otherwise she'd be very sick and have to go to emergency and watch for meningitis.

Sounds like scare tactics, but I know these things can happen. It is so hard to keep a three year old down though, she won't rest enough and then gets all excited and chokes and coughs and cries. It's really rough to watch her this way. She's miserable. I am too.

Darcy has the same thing but to a much lesser degree so far. She wasn't over the last cold yet, four weeks ago, so I'm worried about that. She's got a lot of chest congestion and coughs a lot. Not a lot of mucus coming out of the nose yet. She's not sleeping to badly, just around 4ish she starts coughing. I've got to get another humidifier.

I'll post another update soon. Thanks for your prayers everyone.

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