Moving House Update #1

This one is in Nixa, so cheap! $147,900
What could be wrong with it?
Update: Went to see it on Sunday at an open house. Very bright and airy.
The upstairs had hardly any living space. The backyard wasn't there.
It looked like a huge sinkhole. Weird.

This is my favorite so far. $199,900 What do you think?
Update: Drove straight to this house from the airport with no directions!
It's well built, nice floors, huge backyard, upstairs is a bit small. I'm keeping it in
mind as my realtor suggested offering $169,000! Yay!

So, we've been looking at houses online for the past few weeks and I'm amazed at the low prices. Why would folks want to pay 5 times that amount to live in California? It's not that great! Look at the tax hikes and the bad traffic and the summer heat and the gas prices, and how long it takes to go anywhere and on and on. (Believe me, I know there's plenty of great here too).
I've found about 5 houses that look promising. All 5 bedroom, 3 bath, approx. 3000 sq. ft, in the 140 to 199K range. We're thinking we could live there for 5-6 years and possibly make a few thousand if we sell it then and save enough to move to San Juan Island then. The girls will still be young enough to feel "raised" on the island, which is my main reason for wanting to move there. Besides the locally grown organic produce, grass fed beef, eggs, chickens, seafood, cheeses, wines, breads. I'm passionate about that place in a way that I am not about Missouri. But it can be our stepping stone. A long one albeit, but it could work. At least I'd have more room to spread out and the girls will have room to play etc.
Doug and I will have to fly out there soon to figure it all out. I wonder if he should ask his mom if we can just use the money as a down payment for SJI??? That's where I really want to be.

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