Here's a sweet blog with a sweet giveaway

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  1. hey sarah~
    i'm an official follower not.

    i love the bird on your banner. reallllly cute.

    thanks much for following, linking and commenting on my blog. you are awesome.

    thanks for the comment on the bed...want to know a little secret...don't tell anyone :) the bed is a king size bed....i bought it at ikea and spend $199. i'm not even kidding. it is built so doesn't even budge. i went back and bought a black iron bed for my daughter's room. she hasn't seen it yet..she's away at college.

    any-hoo....don't forget to check my blog tomorrow...i will be revealing the winners.

    ps.. can't wait to go through and read your blog :)

    pss...I think that's right...i turn 40 in august...looking forward to my 40's. oprah keeps saying it's going to get better :)