Changing Rooms Inspiration

This picture shows a wall in what used to be my dining room and is now my living room. I used to watch the BBC show "Changing Rooms" with much gusto way before the Diy boom of the 2000s. I saw Lawrence Lewellyn-Bowen make this paneling for mere pennies and decided to try it. We used that cheap press board stuff that's dark brown, my husband cut it into strips and we nailed it up. I would glue it today, so less nails. There's been extensive caulking and many coats of paint on this fake paneling. We always get brilliant comments about it. Cost us about $20 for the boards and did three walls. I used Calla Lily color from Home Depot. The bluish color above the paneling is of my own concoction.
Oh, I just finished the ceiling in there too, after several years of hideousness leftover from scraping off cottage cheese I finally painted it and put up a new light fixture. So silly to wait years to do something that takes a day or two. I also caulked all the crown moulding finally!!!!

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