Out of the House

The sun shone today! It was awesome. We drove out to Northridge to visit a friend for Holland to play with in a big house. She loved it. I sort of relaxed. The girls are doing so much better. I'm starting to love medicine all of a sudden. I even researched longterm steroid treatments for Holland if we can't keep the itchies under control. I'm not so much against it anymore.
Went to awesome Costco and got lots of meat and cheese. Hee hee. I even was naughty and got some Brea bread and some organic cookies. It was fun. Darcy and I toodled around there.
Rudy is having surgery tomorrow for his stomach. I hope it goes well. He's so cute. He even cried out loud today. Little darling! Hopefully my next few blogs will be normal ones, not health issues.
The sun, the sun, the sun. It makes everything better!!!!

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