Good Days

Check out the giant sea turtle I took for Rudy. I think he likes it!

Hi All, my trip to UCLA yesterday was awesome, although I didn't get home till 4 pm and Kathryne had to write a I was in the doghouse with her. Rudy and Trish were doing great, Trish and I went out for pizza. It was a lot of fun to be out and about in the sunshine and enjoying Westwood. I'm planning another visit out there in a week or two in the evening.

Today I went to bible study and can't get over how fantastic is was, and will be for the next seven weeks. If anyone wants to they can listen to it online at, look for the women's ministry section. Cheryl is a very inspiring speaker. Go Cheryl! She hails from Austin, Texas too, so I enjoy her accent.

It was a pretty lowkey, sunny, happy day for us all. I even made it to Trader Joe's and had a cream bun with my mom and Kathryne at Berolina's in Montrose. Busy and happy.

In the middle of this easy day my heart goes out to Natasha Richardson's family tonight. Quite a tragedy. I hate skiing.


  1. Happy belated birthday!!!
    Thanks for your wishes and comment!
    The sea turtle is lovely!I enjoy painting them!

  2. Rudy is such a cutie :)