Sickness again?

Holland is presenting a bad cough and slight fever just like she did about a month ago. So I'm assuming that it's going to be just the same kind of flu/cold that I had to take her to Dr. M. for and get antibiotics. Also, Darcy got it a week later and was pretty sick too. The worst that they've ever been really. I'm dreading the next few days.
At bible study Cheryl had prayed that we'd have no sick kids the next seven weeks so us moms could all enjoy and attend bible study Wednesdays without missing. Strange that Holland got sick the day after that. She only made it to two days of preschool after being gone for a month. Maybe she shouldn't go anymore. I don't know.
It's just depressing. What else can I say?
Update: 3/27 Both the girls got the cold/flu thing with the bad cough. Although it was not as bad as last time, it has lasted over 10 days so far for Holland. And Darcy has been walking around with a runny nose the whole time and chesty.


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