Have an EGG-cellent week!

My egg display tree

This is for my hubby, it's a masculine football egg!

Hippety Hoppety Easter's On It's Way! I love the tv ad with the bunnies clucking too. I've been collecting pretty paper napkins and tissue throughout the year, just so I can decoupage some eggs for Easter this year. I've tried several techniques, but cutting out pictures from the thin papers seems to be the best for me. Strips are messy and hazardous, paint is a bit boring. I love Mod Podge! I bought a pack of four different kinds of Mod Podge this year.
I'm posting some pics of past egg projects. Just a little preview of all the eggs to come!
Have a blessed week!


  1. Lovely eggs! I have a bit of a "thing" for egg cups so they are pulled out of the cupboard at Easter & filled with chocolate eggs!

  2. Sooo lovely, Sarah! Your egg display tree is wonderful, and the fairy egg just adorable! Thanks for sharing your creativity!
    Have a beautiful week,