High Fever

I probably won't be posting the next few days. My seventeen month old had a febrile seizure at 3 a.m. this morning. We called 911 and spent four hours in the ER, but everything looks good. She's on antibiotics and we're trying to keep her fever below 102, which it is right now. So I'll be lying on the couch with her watching Noggin and Kipper the rest of the day.
Thank you dear friends for your prayers and for bringing roast chicken. Love to you all!

3/31 Update: Darcy's doing well, she had a long nap today. Her fever held steady at around 99.8. The difficulty is keeping Holland away from her and getting her excited and coughing etc. Holland has been acting very hyper, don't know if she's sensing us all feeling icky or what. She's been going to preschool so hopefully she doesn't pick up another bug. I'm sick myself, just rested as much as possible today. My cough hurt so badly. I was able to decoupage another few eggs though. Keeps my mind off of stuff. That's all for now. Thanks again for your well wishes - it's so good to know friends are out there.

6/2 Update: Thought you might be interested in hearing how much this ER visit cost without health insurance.
Ambulance ride with paramedics - $1500, ER visit - $3000+, Doctor fee - $300. This is how much the insurance industry would be billed. I am not sure how much we'll end up paying on each one. We just paid $300 on the ambulance bill. I am really hoping the final ER bill will be much lower if we pay cash. Praying for that!


  1. I'm so sorry to hear about that.
    Good luck with everything! I will say lots of prayers!

  2. God bless your little one. His eye is on the sparrow....don't worry(but then thats our job as Mommies!)she'll be ok. They say it helps to use wet cloths and give her warm washes at periodic intervals to keep her cool. Big kiss to the lil one