Sleeping in my bed all night

Holland's 4th birthday is coming up in May, and she's just now starting to sleep all night in her own bed without getting up! Yay! It's been a really long haul, but I'm praying that this trend continues. I think she's gone four nights so far. I'm shooting for 10, and then I'll believe! Ha ha!
Now, if Kathryne moves out to her little backyard apartment, we're going to move Darcy into her old room. Then we can start the sleep routine with her and shut the door and that'll be it till morn!
This might be wishful thinking, but I'm also praying that we can all get some normality in our lives, and some good rest too. Not having her own room or a quiet place to nap and sleep all night isn't doing her any good at all. Holland has never had a quiet room, so she's learned to sleep with noise etc. So I'm praying that Darcy's move to K's room will be an answer to three year's worth of pleading for sleep!
The move will also help with the clothes and toy storage problem we currently have. I'll have a seven foot closet to put their dresses in and shelves for the toys! It's going to be SO cool! I can't wait to show you all what I plan on doing.
Holland's room is pretty much done for now. Just moving around furniture and two more roller blinds and making some valances for those.
Darcy's room is brown right now, so I'm going to add a mural to lighten it up, some framed art/prints from Etsy, new roller blinds and valances, a cute "watermelon" rug from Target, put the storage shelf in the closet with bins for toys, new hangers for all the outfits, make a pillow to match the mural, caulk the trim and repaint that white, put up the letters for her name over her crib, and move in furniture etc.
Kathryne's new place is going to be a huge project unto itself. She may decide to blog it, but I'll definitely link to it so you can see. She's going to be using yellow and gray as her main colors.

Today we worked on cleaning out the shed. I'll take some aftermath pics tomorrow and show you. It wasn't really that bad. Cleaned out all the baby gear that we won't EVER need again and we're giving all the nice stuff to Rudy. Sorted all the baby and toddler clothes into piles for garage sale and selling online. Sorted all the stuffed animals - keep and get rid of. The bins of toys will hopefully get sorted this week, my plan is to only have two bins of toys stored. The rest will go to Goodwill. I also brought in a lot of my white collection, pottery, glass etc. I have some things I'm going to clean up and sell on eBay or Etsy. I will be posting those so you can have first dibs. There's a copper watering can, a sap bucket, some Willam Sonoma dinnerware, a child's rocking chair, oh and some corbels (sp?) I've been saving that I'm pretty sure I'll never use. There's more, but those are the highlights.
We also took out my ton of books. Hub is going to build me some shelves to put everything on. We're considering taking out a builtin unit he built and convert it to just bookshelves. It would give a more spacious appearance in the living area for one thing. I'll post a picture of that tomorrow so you can tell me your opinion on that.
It's just so exciting to have something to look forward to. I can't wait for the end of April when Kathryne can hopefully get moved and we can start some of these projects. I can hardly wait!
Kathryne will only be a few steps away, so don't worry, she won't be far from her mama!
Tomorrow's Sunday so I'm going to relax as much as possible. A day of rest and reflecting on Lord! Yahoo!

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