What to do with registers???

I have two of these floor registers that were covering where the floor furnace was, and is no longer. They are heavy duty cast iron I believe, super heavy. Each is quite large and has a plain square design in it. I haven't pictured them here, as they are dirty and I need to clean them up. But, the question is, I don't know what to do with them??? I am not throwing them away into the landfill, yet I have no idea how to reuse them. We have central heat/ac coming out of the ceiling now and covered up the furnace holes. If you have any suggestions let me know...I will appreciate any help!!! Thanks!
Update: my husband thinks they are copper...I'll be cleaning out the shed tomorrow and we'll see what treasures we find.

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  1. We just bought a house that has brand new wall to wall carpet. The other day, I walked through the hallway and I was like, "What is that!" It was a register! They just put the carpet straight over it! I want to the answer to your question, too. Because one day I am going to take up that carpet and get that sucker out.